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Enterprise Circles for Business Owners

Enterprise Circles™ to help you develop your existing business.

Sometimes you can be so busy working in your business that you forget to make time to work on your business.

Being part of an Enterprise Circle gives you valuable space and time to work on developing your business to make sure it continues to grow and thrive. Being part of an Enterprise Circle also means you'll get to work through your business issues alongside other experienced business owners. Gaining fresh perspectives from others in different business sectors can help take your business out of a rut or give you new insights to develop your business further. 

To find out more about taking part in an Enterprise Circle for business owners please contact us.

News & Events

Circles Successfully Completed Across Europe

Women setting up a business were recently supported by Circles in the UK, Netherlands, Malta and Cyprus. Watch interviews with some participants in the Netherlands here. For more information, visit the fe:male website. 

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