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Enterprise Circles for Start-Ups

Enterprise Circles™ to help you in the start-up phase of your business. 

Starting out in business can be a time of great excitement and energy, but also a time when you can have some worries it can be helpful to share with others.

How will I approach new clients? How can I make sure my pricing is competitive? All these questions and more can be discussed in your Enterprise Circle with your experienced facilitator and others who are going through similar experiences to help you get the most out of starting up in business.

Good planning and preparation is key to starting out on the right foot with your new business. Enterprise Circles can help you to plan and prepare to succeed with the added benefit of consulting with new business colleagues who will provide valuable support for you as you start your business journey!

To find out more about taking part in an Enterprise Circle for startups please contact us.

News & Events

Circles Successfully Completed Across Europe

Women setting up a business were recently supported by Circles in the UK, Netherlands, Malta and Cyprus. Watch interviews with some participants in the Netherlands here. For more information, visit the fe:male website. 

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