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What are Enterprise Circles?

Mentoring has proven to be a successful tool, supporting individuals to gain confidence and skills during the crucial phases of starting up and developing a business to ensure a more solid foundation for business success.

Enterprise Circles™ were developed by Inova Consultancy in 2001 and use an innovative methodology which combines the benefits gained from one to one mentoring with those from working with a group of peers. A combination of action learning, coaching and peer mentoring principles provides mentees with a wider source of support and inspiration for idea generation and greater creativity in problem solving during business start up and growth.

Within the Circle suite of products, Inova has also developed and run:

Mentoring Circles™ to help with personal reflection and self-development.

Career Circles™ to support those looking for career development or who are returning to employment after a break or redundancy.  

What happens in an Enterprise Circle?

Enterprise Circles usually have up to 5 individuals (mentees) working with 1 trained mentor/facilitator. Circles meet for an agreed number of sessions e.g. once every four to six weeks, over an agreed time period. An Enterprise Circle™ lasts approximately 3-4 hours with every member given the opportunity to discuss individual issues, followed by group support and members acting as a sounding board for individuals to bounce ideas and potential solutions to problems/issues.

Enterprise Circles:

• Help individuals to generate new solutions and ideas relating to a wide range of business start-up/development issues e.g. marketing strategy development.

• Are based on an action learning methodology where circle members are encouraged to facilitate learning through asking open questions rather than offering advice and are encouraged to engage in self-reflection practices.

News & Events

Circles Successfully Completed Across Europe

Women setting up a business were recently supported by Circles in the UK, Netherlands, Malta and Cyprus. Watch interviews with some participants in the Netherlands here. For more information, visit the fe:male website. 

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